Data Management Plan


X-TEAM D2D project aims at defining, developing and initially validating a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the seamless integration of ATM and Air Transport into an overall intermodal network,  including other available transportation means (surface, water), to contribute to the ACARE SRIA FlightPath 2050 goal. X-TEAM D2D project aims at contributing to this goal by providing and preliminarily validating a ConOps for seamless door-to-door mobility in urban and suburban (up to  regional) environment, i.e. X-TEAM D2D target scenario addresses the connection of a big metropolis  with the surrounding area (up to country-wide level). The project is focused on the consideration of ConOps for ATM integration in intermodal transport network serving Urban and Extended Urban mobility, considering the transportation and passengers service scenarios envisaged for the next decades, according to baseline (2025), intermediate (2035)  and final (2050) time horizons.

The target ConOps will encompass both the transportation platforms integration concepts and the innovative seamless mobility as a service including ATM concepts. The ConOps will be preliminarily evaluated against already existing and specifically defined applicable KPAs and KPIs, implementing both qualitative and quantitative performances assessment approach. The X-TEAM D2D project will develop a simulation-based approach for validating the proposed concept, considering the most relevant elements of the transport in the future such as interfaces mode-mode, high-level network model, passenger-centric paradigm. The Data Management Plan (DMP) covers how data will be handled within the project frame, during the research and development phase, but also describes the intentions for data storage and availability once the project has been completed. This document is intended to define the plan at the start of the project in as much detail as possible; if new information will be made available at a finer level of granularity, for example, a data set not initially considered, differences will be documented in D2.3 “Final Project Results Report”.

The X-TEAM D2D Data Management Plan (DMP) follows the guidelines defined for the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP). Therefore, this DMP provides information on data sharing, also taking into account limitations of partners, IPR (intellectual property rights) and legal issues, and licensing. Ethical requirements that have been identified for X-TEAM D2D have been addressed in the dedicated deliverable document D7.1 “POPD – Requirement No.3”, therefore for what concerns the X-TEAM D2D ethics issues the reference document is the D7.1. While this document aims to avoid duplication of material from the references it builds on, some elements may nevertheless be repeated to make the DMP document as readable as possible without continuously having to consult all the reference material. It does not contradict the Grant Agreement in any way.