The Challange 

The Urban Air Mobility is a challenging new domain as it encompasses the safety needs of the avionic domain, the complexity of the urban environment and the challenging topics such as sustainable development and public acceptance

X-TEAM D2D project is part of the SESAR 2020 Multi Annual Programming for the period 2019-2021 and covers section 2.3 (Strategic Area of Operations 2: Deliver Exploratory Research (ER)), with specific reference to the research area “ATM Excellent Science & Outreach”.

New infrastructures

The integration of ATM infrastructures, including airports, into an overall network of air, ground and water transport will allow optimizing the capacity of each individual involved transportation means and in this way will increase the efficiency of the overall intermodal transportation system.
Connections between hubs and secondary airports will be implemented by means of efficient and environmentally friendly transport means, including also water transport through ships where applicable, as well as by means of optimised network for private transportation that will enable the efficient, safe use of personal ground transport.

Supporting Door 2 Door travels

X-TEAM D2D will perform the analysis of D2D mobility demand in the urban and extended urban and regional scenarios, in order to define suitable segmentation of potential passengers, according to the different nature of possible door-to-door travels at urban and extended urban and regional level and including the definition of specific use cases and requirements for the different seamless journeys.

A new Concept of Operations

The overall X-TEAM D2D ambition  is  the one of providing, for the first time, an all-in-one approach (ConOps and Validation tool). This methodology is innovative on its own since, apart for performing the specification and analysis of future operations, it will provide a validation tool which will increase transparency, replicability and accuracy in the outcomes of the project.