Dissemination and Exploitation Plan


X-TEAM D2D project aims at defining, developing and initially validating a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the seamless integration of ATM and Air Transport into an overall intermodal network, including other available transportation means (surface, water), to contribute to the ACARE SRIA FlightPath 2050 goal of enabling the door-to-door connectivity, in up to 4 hours, between any location in Europe. X-TEAM D2D project will contribute to this goal by providing and preliminarily validating a ConOps for seamless door-to-door mobility in urban and suburban (up to regional) environment, i.e. X-TEAM D2D target scenario addresses the connection of a big metropolis with the surrounding area (up to country-wide level). The project, therefore, is focused on the consideration of ConOps for ATM integration in intermodal transport network serving Urban and Extended Urban (up to Regional) mobility, taking into account the transportation and passengers service scenarios envisaged for the next decades, according to baseline (2025), intermediate (2035) and final (2050) time horizons.

This document represents the X-TEAM D2D project Dissemination and Exploitation Plan. It outlines the key dissemination, communication and exploitation activities to maximize the impact of the X-TEAM D2D project during the project lifespan and after. More in details, the document aims to:

  • Define a time schedule for dissemination and communication activities;
  • Identify different dissemination, communication and exploitation activities, taking into account their scale and targets;
  • Assure a proper exploitation of the project results;
  • Identify specific tools and indicators to monitor the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities effectiveness.