X-TEAM D2D is a SESAR Ju project that was aimed at emphasizing the role of Aviation for achieving a smoother travel time with the final goal of reducing travel times in door-to-door journeys.

The X-TEAM D2D started on June 1st, 2020 and will close its activities on September 30th2022.

To celebrate all the results achieved and involve the project stakeholders, a final event was hosted at villa Doria D’Angri in Naples, on September 14th,

The X-TEAM D2D day started with a welcome by SESAR Ju and continued thanks to an overview of the main results achieved by the project, presented by the Work package leaders. X-TEAM D2D has always taken care of its relationships and synergies with siblings projects, by participating and organizing ad hoc events. Also in this occasion, the project emphasized the importance of clustering activities, by inviting all the projects to present their results.  SYN+AIR and Modus projects accepted the warm invite and had a dedicated time slot.

In the last part of the event, a round table with main stakeholders was opened, where comments on the results achieved by the projects and suggestions for their future deployment were welcomed.

Representatives from ACI Europe, Bologna Airport, Airport Region Council, and European Passengers’ Federation took part to the very productive discussion.

SESAR JU was enthusiastic about the event.

The roadmap to achieve the integration of Air Transport into an overall intermodal network, including other available transportation means by reducing wasted times seems to be traced and X-TEAM D2D consortium really hopes that there will be future occasions to implement and improve the project findings. X-TEAM D2D consortium thanks all the participants and hopes to have the occasion to collaborate in future projects with all the participants.