X-Team D2D




X-TEAM D2D project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking with GA No 891061 under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.


X-TEAM D2D project aims at defining, developing and initially validating a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for the seamless integration of ATM and Air Transport into an overall intermodal network, including other available transportation means (surface, water), to contribute to the ACARE SRIA FlightPath 2050 goal. X-TEAM D2D project aims at contributing to this goal by providing and preliminarily validating a ConOps for seamless door-to-door mobility in urban and suburban (up to regional) environment, i.e. X-TEAM D2D target scenario addresses the connection of a big metropolis with the surrounding area (up to country-wide level). The project is focused on the consideration of ConOps for ATM integration in intermodal transport network serving Urban and Extended Urban (up to Regional) mobility, taking into account the transportation and passengers service scenarios envisaged for the next decades, according to baseline (2025), intermediate (2035) and final (2050) time horizons. The target ConOps provided and initially validated by the X-TEAM D2D project will encompass both the transportation platforms integration concepts and the innovative seamless mobility as a service including ATM concepts. The developed ConOps will be preliminarily evaluated against already existing and specifically defined applicable KPAs and KPIs, implementing both qualitative and quantitative performances assessment approach. The X-TEAM D2D project will develop a simulation-based platform for validating the proposed concept. This platform will consider the most relevant elements of the transport in the future such as interfaces mode-mode, high-level network model, passenger-centric paradigm.

Benefits from X-Team D2D Project

The X-TEAM D2D project aims at increasing the overall efficiency of European transportation network to cope the variety of transportation demand by passengers thanks to the Door to Door journey optimisation achievable with the proposed extended ATM Concept of Operations for services to passengers.

X-TEAM D2D will build a framework to increase the efficiency of the overall transport chain by improving the interoperability of the different modes of transport (already available today and/or available up to the final target 2050 time horizon), while at the same time increasing environmental sustainability, making an efficient use of the existing and future infrastructures.

X-TEAM D2D will emphasize the role of Aviation for achieving a smoother travel time with the final goal of reducing travel times in door-to-door journeys.

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